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Act II Scene I

"Oh God, what's my line?"

I imagine I'm supposed to type something really witty and/or cute here. Unfortunatley, my brain has run out of steam and the witty/cute button has been turned off for the night. So I'll just go with the basics. My name is Sarah. At the moment, I'm twenty three years old with a B.S. (yes, i snicker at that too) in Veterinary Medical Technology and working to get into vet school. I'm highly eccentric and idiosyncratic (so I've been told). I have a weird sense of humor, a mix of biting sarcasm and stupid jokes. I tend to dance through stores to the music playing over the loudspeakers. I will eat you out of house and home if you let me.
I will drive you nuts by bugging you all night, yet am completely catatonic before ten am. Really, you're lucky if I even remember talking to you. I remember jack shit and as a result am one of the largest consumers of post-it notes on earth.
I do love Inuyasha and have seen all the movies and most of the tv series. I'm a movie freak and can rattle off random movie trivia at will. I have recently gotten into Dungeons and Dragons by way of my boyfriend. Ask me about my characters, I love talking about them. I love rats and have had two of them as pets. I'm between pets at the moment as the University doesn't allow animals in the dorms.
I have a penchant for naming things and as such, have named some rather random stuff. There's my old desktop, General Schweisskopf (there's a long story behind that one. if you ask nicely, I'll tell you), Mildred, my laptop, Gregor the gnome and George, my money tree. I collect creepy looking gnomes. I talk to myself and have received many strange looks for this habit. I also get weird looks when I pull out my wallet (it's on a chain with skulls stamped in the leather).
I've recently moved to Canada and am experiencing culture shock. The amount of mishaps I get into because of this is astonishing. I've no directional skills and have gotten lost multiple times going to the same spot. This causes endless amounts of amusement among my classmates.


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